?who are we in ALKETAB ASS

Name: Association ALKETAB  for

supporting  education and culture in Umm al-Fahim city. Registered, nonprofit, voluntary organization supporting education and culture in Arab society in Israel. Founded in 1992 by Fathi Fawzi Karim Mahamid and his wife Nawal Mohamed Mahameed. Today, the number of activists reaches 25 activists, representing Umm al-Fahm neighborhoods, its segments, intellectuals and philanthropists, including workers, employees, academics, women, students and others.

We are a group of initiators of the population of the city of Umm al-Fahim, which has a population of 70 thousand people, raised the banner of scientific progress, education and culture of our country by providing budgets and projects for the advancement of science and create a generation of specialists professionally, scientifically and culturally to push the country's development towards the horizons of modern civilization.

We are the initiators, and on their head Mr Fathi Fawzi Karim Mahameed and his noble dignity believein the creative person if conditions exist, so we set up the association and its arm Fund Haj Fawzi and Sobhiah Karam to organize scholarships and budgets of various projects. We have gone a long way in providing scholarships to more than 1,700 students in last five years. We have implemented dozens of projects, including the opening of computer rooms in different schools, more than 10, in each room, 22 modern computers. We also supported cultural projects from cinema and theater and those with special needs and needy families in distress. We also supported the opening and paving of roads in the neighborhoods and celebrations of holidays  of ADHA & AL –FETIR ,sports and others.

The ALKET ASS. has set up a budget of up to NIS 4 million spent on charitable projects and support for the advancement of culture and culture during the last 6 years.

the members of the association have  dreams in the opening of a college and lab. digitized and kindergartens and other projects.

We extend a hand of cooperation to all who agree with us in our vision and desire to support and promote Alketab society

We also cooperate with confidence and respect with fellow funds in Umm al-Fahm and other initiators.

We turn to donors in the world and the nation with our support, so that we can support our society, our students, our children and our beloved country.

The ALKETAB Association pledges to preserve this noble path to support our society tirelessly.

We have set up the site to be a comfortable link with our audience and friends. And to spread our projects and activities in word and image.

                Thank God for everything